Linux HamSoft Database

About the Linux Hamsoft Database

Terry Dawson started the HAM-HOWTO to encourage ham-radio operators to use the linux operating system. It was originally called the RADIOLINUX list, but when it moved to the Linux Documentation Project it was renamed HAM-HOWTO. The last version (2.3) was dated April 1, 1997.
Linux was becoming popular amongst hams quickly and it was hard to keep up with newly released software. Joop Stakenborg started the Linux Hamradio Applications and Utilities Homepage in an attempt to create browseable pages with references to linux hamradio software. He opened his site officially on January 2, 1999.
Again, these pages were hard to maintain, because of the continously changing software version numbers, dates and URL's. Editing was done by hand and with over 100 html pages, it was hard to keep up with the ever changing software. A few months later, Terry and Joop got together and set up some requirements for a database driven web interface. MySQL was chosen, interfaced with PHP3. Terry wrote the pages and Joop's entries were merged into the database and updated. Linux Australia provided the webspace. The site was announced on the linux-hams mailing list on August 4, 1999.
The administrator team consists of Terry Dawson, VK2KTJ, Joop Stakenborg, PG4I and about 50 hams who maintain their own entries in the database. Contributors include dg4iad, g3xxf, pa3fwm, g6rna, pe1lxx, pe1icq, pa0mvw, g4xyw, we7u, df6fr, aj9s, 5b4az, g1tlh, g4klx, g6vey, 7j1ajh, iz8eqd, f4agu, kd2bd, dl4mge, kb1kdc, kb8zqz, dg2dbt, hg2ecz, g8ecj, aa6e, f4dwv, ve3ljg, on6jc, sp9umx, sm0svx, dh8ymb, f8cfe, ok1zia, n7hhk, iz8bzx, k0emt, oz9aec, iz0ete, dl4ntc, dj1yfk, oh6bg, ok2cqr, wa0eir, zp4kfx, m0era, w1hkj, ea4tv, f6bvp, dh1cs, ea7dfh, pa0mbo, sm5bsz, kb1oiq and yo8rzz. In recent times, David Ranch (KI6ZHD) gave the database a major update in 2014.
We are still looking for people who can help us with designing graphics and updating records in case you own a linux hamradio project. If you would like to join us, please fill in the feedback form.

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